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Qatar National Bank (QNB Group) (Arabic: بنك قطر الوطني‎) is a Qatari commercial bank headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It was founded in 1964 and currently has subsidiaries and associates in 31 countries spanning three continents. The bank's ownership is evenly divided between the Qatar Investment Authority and members of the public.


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satış temsilcisi (Former Employee) says

"personellerini sürekli mobinge maruz bırakan kişilerin olduğu,tek birgün hedefte geri kalsanız dahi size her türlü tavrı ve mobingi yapmaktan geri durmayan müdürler ve onların takım liderleriye dolmuş,sürekli satış baskısının olduğu BERBAT BİR ÇALIŞMA ORTAMI sunan ve asla bulaşılmaması gereken bir yer.Eğer stresten hasta olmak istemiyorsanız asla bulaşmayın hatta diğer arkadaşların dediği gibi KAÇIN."

Relationship Officer (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't recommend any good professionals to work at QNB, very bias , management only support those who speaks Arabic.and looked after those who have good PR.NoneNot a place to work"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Bullying and dictatorship style management, bad tone from the tone, pressure to take on customers even if they are known risks, no support network for staff, bonuses are not paid on a logical, unrealistic deadlines ! No work & life balance (often canceled holidays, work at weekends etc) No progression , no development (5-6 years to be promoted avg!)InsurancePoor management, lack of employees respect"

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"It's a big bank but I'm quite conscientious person and I don't believe the people there share the same work ethics as I do. The branch I was at was quite awful."

Charge Back Executive- Section Head (Current Employee) says

"Technical Management and Banking System Services in a banking industry, with my most focus as a Charge Back Executive and Branch Support in the E-Payment Operations. *Checking my work mail, handling the newly received tickets and take the needed follow-up action in the old cases *I learned problem solving, time management and persistence * Management is so bureaucratic and not proactive in taking decisions *We are all so cooperative and helpful with each other *The hardest part of the job is going and returning from work because of the long distance driving at rush hours *The most enjoyable part is while digging and solving an abnormal caseMedical insurance packageBureaucracy at taking decisions or solving problems"

Vendeur (Former Employee) says

"Une banque qui ne ressemble pas à une banque ! Pas de culture d'entreprise ni d'avantage en terme de rémunération ni d'évolution de carriére. En bosse comme des esclaves"

Relationship Executive (Former Employee) says

"The best thing is to commit to what you offer to your employees, to help them be the best, can't say that I found the tools to help myself and do the needful."

NBN Implementation manager (Former Employee) says

"Company with no direction and leadership. All decisions made on the hoof with very little knowledge of the fibre network."

Sr. User Interface Designer / Usability Expert (Former Employee) says

""My best performer was always saving the day when a project went wrong or a system blew up," said an IT management acquaintance. "But when things were going well, i just couldn't let down. It is in these types of situations where I watch for signs of fatigue and anxiety."

Bireysel satiş temsilcisi (Current Employee) says

"2 yildir calismaktayim fakat kariyer anlaminda henuz bi firsat vermediler."

Kredi Riski Yönetimi Uzmanı (Current Employee) says

"Olması gerekenden fazla aniden yapılan fazla mesailer ve fazla hiyerarşik bir yönetimDil tazminatıOlması gerekenden fazla aniden yapılan fazla mesailer ve fazla hiyerarşik bir yönetim"

Corporate Marketing Management Trainee (Current Employee) says

"Bankacılık stresli bir sektör. Şirket sektre göre daha agresif olduğu için bu stres biraz daha fazla"

Kobi Bankacılığı Portföy Yönetmeni (Former Employee) says

"Rekabetçi stresli bir ortam uzun çalışma saatleri mesi ücreti verilmiyorMultinet özel sigortaUzun çalışma saatleri mesai ücreti yok"

Assistant Manager Credit Analysis (Former Employee) says

"generally ok working environment. no challenges no promotions. huge bonus gap between managers and their subordinates. I left willingly after numerous tries to get more training, advancement but HO isn't interested."

Superviseur caisse centrale (Current Employee) says

"Je veut passer pour une nouvelle expérience dans le but d'améliorer et évoluer mes connaissances .Entreprise multinationale"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"i used to work in QNB ALAHLI as a customer advisor and i am sure that my colleagues were the best thing in this job, they were so friendly, collaborators, fun, and eager to assist me in anything i would like to ask for. i had learned how to handle cash even in the most rush hours and at a high level of stress where any small mistake would end your career, so focusing and accuracy were the best skills i had learned there. the hardest part of the work when the country has a national vacation and the bank is going to close for few days so we had to face like too many people to serve and we finish probably very late time. management was not bad but it used to be a little bit slow in taking decisions regarding promotions. the day at work was 8 hours, not that exhausting, however, sometimes it was.breakfast hoursrush hours"

Sales Officer (Former Employee) says

"I am a goal oriented person and competitive and I try to make it sure that I did my job done before the end of the day. Focuses on target and initiates new strategy in order to hit or exceed the companies expectation"

Deputy branch manager (Current Employee) says

"QNB ALAHLI is one of the largest private banks operating in Egypt. Established in 1978, and currently serving more than 970 thousand clients through more than 6000 banking professionals. The bank vision is to keep close to its clients through offering a wide range of innovative products and services serving Individuals, Corporates, Small and Medium Enterprises. Moreover, QNB ALAHLI expands its network of branches to more than 215 branches covering all governorates. In addition, an expansive network of 450 +ATMs and 17000 +Point of sale machines are set to serve clients nationwide. Furthermore, a dedicated customer service call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Ozel bankacilik portföy yöneticisi (Former Employee) says

"Belirli bir tutarin uzerindeki musteri hesaplarinin yonetilmesi. Yeni musteri kaznimi saglanmasi icin ziyaretler"

Head of Operational Risk (Current Employee) says

"5 years in middle East, International experience and experience in different aspects of risk management. Can bring value to the Banks due to the capacity to manage different projects at same time and different cultures.Just 2nd and 3rd line of defence experienceDynamism, enthusiasm, leadership"

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